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  • http://colormepete.com/how-does-it-work/
  • http://colormepete.com/how-does-it-work/
  • http://colormepete.com/how-does-it-work/

Educational Language & Color Learning App for Kids 2-6+

Your child uses your camera to hunt for 10 different colors in 3 different languages in your own home environment.

This learning app for kids teaches children the names of colors in English, French, and Spanish. This is an “active” game played by your child moving around the room to find colors. Additionally, you can turn off audio to help develop reading skills.

Each new color found is rewarded by being able to color in more of Pete until their parrot friend has all his colors back. Pete can be colored differently each time the game is played. It’s all up to your child’s imagination.

Pete the Pirate Parrot has lost his colors and needs them back. Can you help him out?

What’s Pete All About? Video:

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Color Me Pete is an Educator Approved App

*Ahoy!* Big News! Color Me Pete has been officially “Educator Approved” by Educators at YogiPlay.  Take a look at the Color Me Pete listing here: http://www.yogiplay.com/main/color-me-pete/ YogiPlay is “a group of parents who believe that mobile devices have the power to be both fun and educational for our kids. Our mission is to help families turn mobile [...]